Mission Statement

To profitably and transparently produce and market high quality paraffin-based emulsions and waxes made of renewable raw material, using the best technology available to meet the demands of different markets throughout Brazil and the world, respecting our employees, neighboring communities, and the environment.


To be a global and profitable company, world-class in innovation, quality and sustainability.


Ethics, respect, entrepreneurship, dedication, and social responsibility.

Integrated policy

It is the duty and responsibility of each employee of the Organization, as well as employees of companies that act on their behalf or on the premises to commit themselves to developing, manufacturing and selling, in the domestic and international markets, emulsions and waxes made of paraffin, maintaining quality products to be supplied, preventing pollution and maintaining the conditions that ensure the health and safety of workers according to the following principles:

Continuous improvement of processes, products and services relevant to the Organization through its goals and objectives; Training, awareness and encouragement of employees to engage in tasks and activities that keep the quality of its products and services;

Answer and continually meet the values, needs and expectations of customers and meet the legal requirements and other relevant to the units;

Preserve the environmental conditions and prevent injuries, illnesses and accidents at work through the ongoing management of environmental aspects and the dangers and risks.