Quality in every detail

Innovation is always one step ahead, and that the Gequimica prepared over the years since its founding.

And the result of this work can be seen in the management of factories, concern for compliance with market requirements, and the understanding that a product will only be successful if it is associated with a proven service excellence.

That is the goal of all Gequimica: meeting the needs of customers and partners, through the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and focuses on excellence applied to every action. For this, there is a strong integration between the areas of the company.

Modern tools and programs are in place to ensure service excellence and continuous improvement, but none of this would be possible without standardization, structured continuous improvement process, and most importantly, the people involved and trained.


Research & Development

Investment in own laboratories and highly qualified professionals:

This is the secret of GEQUÍMICA when it comes to R & D. The Central Laboratory in São Paulo, has the very latest in research of new products, including a pilot plant for testing and process simulations.

It will also laboratories in all plants, very well equipped and prepared to conduct several tests, such as:



Laboratory of Paraíba do Sul plant, RJ.

Development work is conducted by a team of engineers, chemists and technicians who seek information in different areas of the enterprise and beyond, consolidate this data and transform knowledge into a quality product tested and approved.

This work includes the constant search for new raw materials, supplies and applications, always aiming to improve the quality of their products and exceed the expectations of its markets.

Our structure is also available to all customers and partners for joint activities of product development, searching for the right solution to every need.


For Gequímica, obtaining ISO 9001 certification in 1999 and ISO14001 in 2011, the certifying company BSI (British Standards Institute), was not only a necessity because of market demand, but a natural consequence of all development work Quality Management.

With the support of management and the company’s management, and the commitment of the entire team, the road to certification was being paved every day, and confirmed the commitment of Gequímica Group to total quality and the satisfaction of its customers , employees, partners, and community.


Social responsability

A natural initiative GEQUÍMICA Group over the years has been seeking alternative renewable raw materials, and thus transform the idea of an ecological product in reality.

And the reason for all this?
The respect for the environment, the example for future generations andbuilding a fairer world.


Product made from alternative raw material.

And as we know that speech is nothing without practice, list a few examples of the company’s actions in this regard:


Implementation of Selective Collection in Paraíba do Sul – RJ
Implementation of Selective Collection in Paraíba do Sul – RJ
Participation GPMAI – Medium Professionals Group Environment of Industries of Vale do Paraíba, which acts as a forum for discussion and exchange of information in the field of environmental issues within the industry.
Water reuse ETE – Effluent Treatment Plant in Paraíba do Sul unit – RJ
Participation at the Municipal Council for the Environment of the Mother of God – BA, assisting in decision-making and suggestions for improvement in environmental issues of the city
Increased ventilation and natural lighting in sheds, which contributes to the reduction of electricity consumption
Creation of Environmental Education Programs