Madre de Deus, BA – Production capacity of 62,500 tons / year

Gequímica, Brasceras and Vitrasa are companies that make up the group.

The Group is the largest distributor of paraffins produced by Petrobras and the largest producer of raw materials base of paraffins in Latin America.

Always looking to expand markets by developing new products and alternative sources of raw materials, the Gequímica Group monitors global trends, investing heavily in research and development to support their clients.

It is in this spirit that the company plans its future, researching new technologies, consolidating its position as leader and strengthening its commitment to sustainable development.

“It should be noted that the Group, committed to seek a balance between the socio-economic development and maintaining the quality of natural resources, offers products from renewable sources such as vegetable waxes.”



In 2016, the company turns 25 years and since its inception has never ceased to seek the new, making overcoming challenges his great motivation.

And the desire to innovate has led the Group to leadership status in its main markets, a condition that is consolidated with each new day, each new step.

The products developed at the factory of the Mother of God (BA) become raw material for dozens of industries and reach the lives of people in the form of candles, packaging, tires, cosmetics, and more.

gequimica-banner-madre-de-deusGequimicas factory in the city Madre de Deus, BA



Integrated to the group since 2001, Brasceras brought the vocation for innovation and challenge also to the market for industrial emulsions.

Due to the reliability of supply and superior quality of its products, supported by development and constant innovation, Brasceras acts strongly on the timber and packaging market.

With plant strategically located in Paraíba do Sul (RJ), Brasceras have their products approved in the leading manufacturers of wood panels in South America.

Paraiba do Sul, Brazil: drive capacity of solid and liquid paraffin of about 40,000 tons / year


Brasceras factory in Paraíba do Sul, RJ



Since 1982 acting in paraffins transport branch, the Vitrasa reinforces the Group with its expertise in logistics and has the ongoing challenge to bring our products to people’s lives.

As a result of diligent work and in line with market needs, we have made significant investments to expand the capacity to meet the demands, helping to improve the competitiveness of our customers.